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Ty Clark is a 26 year old breath.  He has been creating art and writing since he was a young child.  His Uncle Conway Jiggs Pierson was a world renowned sculpture and raku artist in the 70's.  Jiggs had many shows spanning from LA and New York to Japan and New Zealand.  Following in his uncles footsteps, Ty is trying to become a name in the art world.  His works are rapidly multiplying and increasing in size.  From pastel, acrylic, rope, string, nails, glass, spray paint, ink, and anything else that can be used to create, he strongly follows the expression of his influences :  Jean Michel Basquiat, Linda Cushing, Bill Catling and Brandon Zeller.  A recent member of Dallas, Texas, Ty is looking to explode on to the art scene in very due time.  
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