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...Typical Euphoria....
these are all paintings done in the last 5 months
                                                           ( within....28x22-a/c, photo, on cardboard)
          (i sit, thought...24x24-a/c, photo, on wood)                                    (she is my alone...24x24-a/c,photo, onwood)
             (looking back, sorry-24x24-a/c on wood)                           (little boy, touch-26x23-a/c on canvas)
                        (of a virgin-20x16-a/c on canvas)                  (questions arise-20x16-a/c on canvas)
  (by my own hands-30x30-a/c on canvas)                           (hiding, rest-30x36-a/c on canvas)
  (poetic thought, boxes-24x38-a/c on canvas)                            (striving, closed box-11x28-pastel, glass, tile on wood)
 (childhood, understanding-48x17-pastel,spray paint, on wood)                        (broken blame, hanging-30x10-pastel,a/c on wood)